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ILEARN begins this month

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Our third- and fourth-graders will be taking the ILEARN assessment this month.

Third-grade testing starts the week of April 22. Fourth-grade testing starts the week of April 29.

If you have a third- or fourth-grader, please make sure that your student is at school and on time every day during ILEARN testing. Students who miss tests will have to make them up, and this makes it very challenging and causes students to miss out on other activities and/or lessons. 

Please also make sure your student is getting to bed early each night that week so they are well-rested and have the best opportunity to stay focused.

Finally, please make sure your student eats breakfast each morning, either at home or here at school, where free breakfast is available to all students. Trying to take a test with an empty and growling stomach makes it difficult for students to give their best.